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Halifax Energy Atlantica is a Halifax based company focusing on the unique energy needs of clients in Atlantic Canada and the north-eastern United States.
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Latest news

December 2011

Energy Atlantica assists with first CNG-trucking project in Atlantic Canada.
Energy Atlantica is proud to announce the completion of a major project assisting Cavendish Farms of PEI to convert from HFO to natural gas delivered via truck from New Brunswick. For more on this project, please visit here.

November 2011

Energy Atlantica announces year-end results for GIVETOLIVE
Energy Atlantica is pleased to announce that its employee-run charity has completed yet another successful year of fundraising. In 2011, GIVETOLIVE rasied $150,000 for various charities that are improving the lives of those suffering from unnecessary disease and death. The organizations that were presented with the funds raised included Camp Goodtime (supporting children in Nova Scotia & PEI), Camp Delight (supporting children in Newfoundland & Labrador) and Lions Sick Children's Fund (supporting children and families in New Brunswick). This successful year of fundraising brings the grand total raised by GIVETOLIVE to over $2.5 Million. For more information about GIVETOLOVE and what inspires this movement, please visit GIVETOLIVE.

August 2011

Energy Atlantica supports Charity Swim to PEI
Energy Atlantica is proud to support "3 Men in Suits" - an event that took 3 Men swimming the 14kms from New Brunsickwick to PEI to raise funds for Paediatric Cancer and The Jack in the Clouds Foundation for Kids. It took over 6 hours to swim but it was well worth it! This event raised over $50K and every cent went to the worthy charitable organizations. To learn more about this amazing trip click here and further coverage can be viewed here.

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